Understanding the purpose of the Deed and conveyance of title is essential for students studying for their real estate licensing exam. In this real estate exam prep video, we discuss, the purpose of the deed, how conveyance of title works, essential elements of a deed, and the importance of recording a deed.

Key real estate terms discussed in this real estate exam prep video:

(1) Deed – Written legal instrument that conveys title of real property
(2) Conveyance of Title – Transfer of ownership of real property
(3) Grantor – The seller who conveys ownership interest in real property
(4) Grantee – The purchaser of real property
(5) AcknowledgmentThe act of going before an authorized notary public and declaring a legal document to be one’s voluntary “act and deed.”
(6) Recordation – The act of giving public notice or Constructive Notice by recording a legal document
(7) Plat – A map of a specific area
(8) Deed Restriction – A provision in a deed that limits or restricts the useage of real property
(9) Habendum Clause – The “have and to hold” clause in a deed that defines or limits the quantity of an estate the Grantor is conveying to the Grantee by deed
(10) Granting Clause – The conveyance clause of a deed
(11) Consideration – Something of value given in a contract
(12) Legal Description – The boudraries of real property that is recognized by law.

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