Real Estate Agent – Lead Based Paint Disclosure (Buyer/Seller)

The video is a step-by-step illustration of how to completely and accurately fill out the Buyer/Seller Lead Based Paint Disclosure. This instructional video is designed to enhance a real estate agent or broker risk management program by helping you avoid the common enforcement actions by the EPA Auditors.
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My latest video is a “how-to” for ensuring the Lead Based Paint Disclosure (Buyer/Seller) is accurately filled-out. Most agents give little thought to the disclosure; yet, it is without a doubt the most dangerous form from a risk management point of view the agent is involved with. One simple innocent mistake or omission can lead to an $11,000+ civil violation. Oh, and most E & O Insurance policies don’t cover such enforcement action.

This video is specific to the Buyer/Seller Lead Based Disclosure. In a day or two I will do the Landlord/Tenant disclosure separately since compliance on a rental transaction is at a higher standard.

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